Dynajet is a commercial brand of the company Dollfus & Muller for digital printing.

Dynajet has developed and marketed textiles for the communication for 20 years. This market has considerably changed as well as the use of these products. They have moved from canvas intended for painting to textiles specially made for printing with various ink-jet technologies.

In order to meet the needs of this new market, Dynajet has offered since 1999 substrates for large and extra large format ditigal printing.

Handle, drape, surface and colour performance are the properties that Dynajet continually adapts to the requirements of the market.

Thanks to its experience, Dynajet can advise and guide you to new solutions with innovative products complying with your needs in terms of communication and decoration.


Dollfus & Muller


Worldwide leader in the manufacturing of open mesh conveyor belts, felts and satin fabrics for the textile finishing industry and for the tannery.

Established in 1811 in Mulhouse, the company celebrated its 200 years anniversary in 2011. Today Dollfus & Muller employs 44 people in Heimsbrunn in Alsace (10 mn near Mulhouse).