Discover the different uses of our textiles for digital printing and also the advantages of using soft media.The inbuilt properties of handle, drape, surface of textile fabrics allow the creation of innovative articles. Lightness, softness of these media enable an easy packaging and the implementation of your prints.


Indoor signage

Most of our producs are certified fire retardant according to the M1 or B1 regulation.
These kinds of communication media are used for the production of banners, kakemonos, displays, etc...


Outdoor signage

The use of high tenacity polyester allows the production of prints resistant to outside conditions. These media are light (250 g/m²) and therefore their implementation is easier than with heavy PVC banners.



Flags are excellent communication media for promoting an event or showing your geographical situation.


Banner - Kakemono

A banner is a media to be hung on a wall or on a structure.
A kakemono is generally hung vertically.


Light box

A back-light media, also called backlit, is used for backlighting advertisement. The characteristic of this product is the very good light-scattering provided by a ligth source (led, diode or neon light) at the back of the media.



The quality of textiles allows the use of these media for inside decoration.


Wall covering

Some of our products can be used for wall covering