Scenic decoration

All our textiles for scenic decoration:

Dynajet manufactures and markets large widths fabrics for scenic decoration until 10 meters wide, mainly in cotton and chlorofiber. This historical activity of Dollfus & Muller marketed by Dynajet is more than 50 years old. All our textiles can have a fire-retardant finishing and are delivered in different widths.




Cotton fabrics for scenic decoration

Dynajet provides cotton fabrics from 200 to 360 gr/m² in widths until 10 meters.They can be manufactured raw flameproof, bleached flameproof or just raw.



Chlorofiber fabric for scenic decoration, textiles for concert backdrops

Dynajet manufactures a chlorofiber canvas which is naturally fire resistant. This product is available in white and in widths until 5,15 m.